So, you couldn’t resist getting to know us better.

You need a little more to get on board. We respect that, so here you go.

The humans behind your augmented revolution.

We could begin with our business story but instead let’s start somewhere better. With the people. 


Chief Content Officer

I am a walking synonym blaster. At least I think I am. Words are powerful, persuasive, emotive, and can be the difference between someone connecting with you or never batting an eye. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am the copywriter but I also do a little more than that.
As a well versed strategist, I can also take your brand - or idea - from a concept into the real world. I thrive on collaborating with people (even as an introvert), exploring my curiosity, and asking the right questions to make the path to success super easy to navigate. I also dabble in photography and just love the beauty of capturing products and moments.

Claim to Fame:

Had my image of Belfast shared on CoolFM

Favourite Pastime:

5p freddo’s


There, their, they’re.

Anthony Heaney Squint Creative Profile Image


Creative Director

Not a walking synonym blaster. Instead, I'm one of the creative geniuses in Squint that helps businesses break free from the chains of replication, leaving their competition in the dust. I'm a 3d artist, AR specialist and CGI mastermind, able to create and visualise almost anything before it's materialised in real life.

Seeing the reactions on our client's customers faces when they've just experienced their augmented reality, or their product in CGI is exactly why I love what I do.

Claim to Fame:

Used to play in a rock band when I was 18 and had our music played on local radio.

Favourite Pastime:

Burrito Bowls



Elizabeth Moran Squint Creative Profile Image


Graphic Designer

I’m a huge dreamer, I was always told it was a problem growing up. Until I started designing and what was once my most negative trait is now my most valuable. 

Im a stickler for brand rules, as someone who loves to work within a structured environment I’m very protective over the visual integrity of the brands we collaborate with. 

I love collaborating with other like minded, ambitious business owners and seeing the ideas we cook up together. Im one of those annoying people who love what they do so much that my job is my main personality trait.

Claim to Fame:

Being a Graphic Designer

Favourite Pastime:

Iced Coffee - in all weathers


Making it POP

But who are WE really?

CGI masters, AR-tists, Collaboration Cravers. 

We believe collaboration and creativity are tools that can help any business stand out as an individual. None of us want to be the same as the next guy. Our approach gives you the mental freedom to see things differently.
Because, when you see differently, you do differently. And you deserve to be different.

We are three humble creatives with a flurry of talent and experience. That’s definitely the short version but hey, it beats a long list of adjectives. We came together and combined almost a decades worth of knowledge to produce AR and CGI experiences that are just as progressive as you are.Our vision is to bring as many brave businesses into the future of brand experience as possible before it becomes the norm.